Indian weddings are very joyful and bright events. The procession, guests, and everything else are filled with rich colours, and you have to go through a multitude of rituals and celebrations even before the main ceremony. Indian weddings can continue for several days, and the parties take place every night.

If you want to strictly follow traditional Indian weddings, you need the involvement of your family and an Indian wedding planner to walk you through the event. Indian wedding photographers are recommended, so you can capture every special moment of your wedding.

Unlike Christian weddings where we can choose whom to invite or not, Indian weddings are very public, and you can invite as many as 1000 people, and more if you are can afford it. An Indian wedding is one of the most critical ceremonies in the lives of the Hindus.

In this ceremony, the bride is given to the husband to be with him for the rest of his life, not only because the bride loves the groom, but also because of the new duty that she is receiving. Indian weddings also have a lot of great dancing and festive music. The joy of Indian weddings is one of the biggest reasons why many are interested in having an Indian themed wedding. Indian weddings are also a great way to wear different garbs while compelling your guests to wear exotic attire.

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